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I Want To Eat

I’m so hungry I want to eat the following:

  1. kare-kare
  2. squid
  3. yang chow fried rice
  4. shrimp
  5. crab
  6. pata tim

Is that a lot? Ha! ha!

I’ll ask my mom to buy crab for tomorrow.

Craving For

I’ve been craving for a lot of foods lately. No, I’m not pregnant, ha! ha! I just want to eat the foods I used to eat before. Here they are:

  1. small crab
  2. kare-kare
  3. flatfish
  4. mussels
  5. pork tofu
  6. chicken tinola
  7. lugaw and tokwa

Those are just some. The morcon and squid adobo, I was able to eat when I went before New Year.

I wonder when can I eat these foods again?


Vikings MOA

Yes! We’re going to have lunch there today. I’m thinking if I should eat breakfast or not? he he! I’m excited to eat my favorites – sashimi, shrimps, steak, sweets and more!

Haist! Good luck again to my waistline.

Anyway, there are other days to go on a diet. Tomorrow, I promise!