Archive | January, 2011

Salt Water Solution

Got colds or sore throat? Salt water solution can be a remedy for it. I woke up with a sore throat and to prevent getting it worse, I made a salt water solution and gargled it. I just put a table spoon of iodized salt (we don’t have rock salt) in a glass of boiling water. I gargled the solution and felt relieved afterwards.

Corn Flakes

I’m trying to eat corn flakes everyday for the past days. I put milk and whatever fruit is availablebut usually, it’s papaya. I don’t like it at first but have already acquired the taste. I eat the one with honey so that it will be a little sweet. If I’m in a hurry, I just eat it plain like chips.

Love Spell

My all-time favorite product of Victoria’s Secret is Love Spell. I was introduced to it by a friend, who gave a lotion to me as a gift. The packaging was still different then and the price was cheap. I even gave it as a Christmas gift to close friends. Now I couldn’t give it as a gift because I don’t have much to spend for it, sigh.